WalthamSoft.com offers a low-cost data-recovery and virus-treatment service for Home and Business users in the Essex / North-East London area.  This is a low-cost alternative to an on-site service visit. Depending on the situation, we can almost always restore unbootable PCs/Laptops, and recover lost data.  Call us to discuss your needs.

Here's what we aim to do:

However, because of the nature of these problems, neither successful treatment nor data recovery can be guaranteed in advance, although we are very rarely beaten!  If you have critical data on an affected system, you should always give us full details.  If in doubt, call us for (free) advice.

How the service works:

To keep the costs as low as possible, we ask you to deliver your machine to us, and collect it afterwards,.  Turn-around times can not be guaranteed, so if you need urgent assistance call us for advice.

Service Fee

From 36.00

Terms & Conditions: