WalthamSoft.com can often arrange for the supply of goods such as computers, components or software, where mutually convenient, and for a reasonable fee. This can often save customers time and uncertainty. However, WalthamSoft.com does not become the 'supplier' in such an arrangement - we act as only your agent. The reason for this is that, unlike large-scale outlets, the volume of goods we arrange in this way is relatively small. In order to assume full responsibility for processing the occasional faulty item it would be necessary to load prices with a sufficient 'margin' to cover the time and expense of doing this. We feel it is better for customers to benefit from the best discounted prices we can identify, and to retain responsibility for dealing with the inevitable occasional return. While we can deal with returns on a customer's behalf, a charge will be made for this service when it is needed.

Note that customers who are VAT-registered may wish to make purchases directly with third-party suppliers in order to be able to reclaim the VAT component, as we are not (currently) VAT-registered.